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 At West County Music Together--

We sing, dance, chant, and play musical instruments.  


Did you know that all children are musical? Have you ever wondered what you can do to nurture the musical growth of your child, regardless of your own musical ability? 

The program, which meets for ten 45 minute sessions, is designed for children ages birth through kindergarten and the grownups who love them. Our Music Together® classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement and is based on the premise that all children have the innate ability to learn music as a language.

Music Together classes bring parents together to sing and move with their children to a rich, balanced vocabulary of music with tonalities and rhythms from around the world. It is through the special relationship that you have with your child that a love of music and music making is learned. COME AND DISCOVER THE JOY OF MAKING MUSIC TOGETHER WITH YOUR CHILD!!!


Fall Session Dates:

       Sebastopol--September 13th through December 6th (11 weeks/no classes Thanksgiving week)

       Petaluma--September 12th through December 5th (11 weeks/no classes Thanksgiving week)

          ** We are currently accepting registrations for our Fall session.  To register or for registration information, click on Registration page above.  For class             schedule, click on Classes page above. **

Winter Session Dates: January 5th--March 14th (9 weeks)

 Spring Session Dates: May 30th (10 weeks/no classes during spring break)














"Music brings us together in song and dance, in ritual and play. It
inspires and consoles us. It is a way to pass down traditions from
generation to generation... But not only is music one of the fundamental
ways we bond with each other, it literally shapes our brains. Musical
activity involves many parts of the brain (emotional, motor, and cognitive
areas), even more than we use for our other great human achievement,
language... Music is much more than a beautiful luxury: It is a fundamental
way of expressing our humanity - and it is often our best medicine." -
Oliver Sacks, MD.





Fall Session Information

We are gearing up for the upcoming fall session!! Thank you to all of you who have been telling your friends about our sweet classes!! Here is some information about how to register for classes at West County Music Together:

Session dates for all locations are September 12th--December 6th (11 weeks) 

Priority registration for currently/previously enrolled families and pre-registration for new families is from now through July 28th. Only a few spaces will open up in each class , so if you are a new family, registering as early as possible in this period is the best way to get a spot in one of our classes.

Open enrollment begins July 29th. (New families, who have not pre-registered, can register and will be placed on the rosters on a first come first serve basis.)

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West County Music Together Studio
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